Blueberry Tart

Indulge in a delectable mix of cuteness, sweetness, and color with our Blueberry Tart flower hair clip from our Skylar's Candy Clips flower hair clip collection.

When I first gave my daughter Skylar a zip lock bag full of these hair clips in different colors, she exclaimed: "Ooh they're like candies!! They're candy clips!!". They're simple, but they're surefire pleasers. Indulge!

Pick among the following flower hair clip choices: Sky Blue, Heather Gray, Buttercup Yellow, Chocolate Brown, Licorice, Royal Purple, Carnation Pink, Turqoise Blue, Scarlet Red, Lilac, Preppy Pink, Tangerine Scene, LemonCello, MellowYellow, Mint Julep, and Blue Berry Tart.

Each handmade flower hair clip is crafted in premium 70-100% wool felt and mounted on a 1.5 inch snap clip.

Hair clip size:1.75 inches wide

One size fits all (3 yrs old to adults). Not appropriate for children under 3.